Wilkerson College Staff

Douglas E. Calhoun, PM (Oxford Session)
Robert J. Morrell, Jr., PM (Oxford Session)
James W. Howell, PM (Greensboro Session)
William C. Barrett, IV, DDGM (Greensboro Session)
Russell E. Jones, PM (Raleigh Session)
R. Kevin Combs, PM (Raleigh Session)


Kevin C. Otis and Christopher S. Richardson. PM - "The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford: A Synopsis and Update on Operations"
Dwight M. Sigmon, DGM - "Introduction to Public Speaking" and "Early Ritual Development"
P. Shaun Bradshaw, SGW - "Learning to Work in Groups"
John M. Burchfield, PGL - "Essential Planning"
Benjamin G. Wallace, PM - "Introduction to Grand Lodge Educational Programs" and "Allegory and Symbolism"
J. David Cashion, PM - "Rules for Success in Your Fundraising Efforts"
J. Riley Beaman, III, PM - "Opportunities for Lodge Success Using Socilal Media"
J. Currie Pendleton, PM - "Masonic Education Implementation"
Michael T. Daniels, PM - "How Enlightened Philosophy Influenced Freemasonry"
Robert W. Rideout, PM - "Overview of the N.C. Masonic Code"
Gary D. Handy, PDDM - "The Lodge Budget"
Douglas L. Caudle, PGM - "How Mentoring Can Positively Affect the Lodge"
James L. Medlin, PM - "Concepts and Rules for Lodge Fundraising"
Larry B. Thompson, Jr., SGD - "The Master's Calling" and "Member Selection and Retention"
Dwight M. Sigmon, SGW - "Early Development of our Masonic Ritual"
Bryant D. Webster, PGM - "WhiteStone: A Synopsis and Update on Operations" and "The Lodge Assessment Tool"
Ben Sorensen, PM  - "How It Really Began" and "Exposé of 18th Century Masonic Ritual"
John M. Burchfield, PDDGM, PGL - "Making the Lodge Experience More Powerful"
Kevin R. Combs, PM - "Management Techniques"
Kenneth W. Wical, PDDGM - "Personalities Within the Lodge"
James R. Stevens, PM - "The Trial Code"
Kenneth W. Wical, PDDGM - "The Lodge Boss"
Christopher V. Whilhoit, WM - "Lodge System of Masonic Education"
J. Randolph Browning III, PM - "NC Masonic Heroes and Legends"
Jeff Hensley - "North Carolina Masonic Foundation"
Jonathan A. Underwood, PM - "Understanding the Organization and Work of Your Grand Lodge Office"

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