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Wilkerson College is sponsored jointly by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Orient of North Carolina and the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina. The college was created with a single mission in mind: to provide Freemasonry with the best trained leaders possible.

Each class is limited to 36 students. Admission preference is given to lodge deacons under the premise that our best investment in the future lies within those officers who have several years to work and plan for his year as Master of the lodge. Though part of a deacon's time at Wilkerson College is devoted to the origins and traditions of Freemasonry, students receive the majority of their training in how to become effective leaders within their lodges. Subjects such as budgeting, lodge operations and membership services will be new to some whose notions of a Masonic education stop at ritual and memorization. It is the goal of Wilkerson College to provide each student with a well-rounded exposure to the tools that are needed to be a confident and effective leader in his lodge, the fraternity, and in his community.

The student's immersion in North Carolina Freemasonry is enhanced by the meeting locations themselves. Sessions are scheduled in proximity to The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford, WhiteStone - A Masonic and Eastern Star Community in Greensboro and the Grand Lodge of North Carolina office located in Raleigh. Class participants will have the opportunity to tour all three facilities.

The faculty of Wilkerson College is comprised of men who are important to Freemasonry in this state. Each instructor is a recognized Masonic leader in whose life Freemasonry plays a vital part. Not only do the students get to meet and spend time learning from these individuals, they also gain some sense of how Freemasonry has influenced their lives and why our fraternity holds so much value in their daily activities.

The entire "Wilkerson College experience" is designed to bring the student from a level of merely "filling an officer's chair" to a point that he holds a newfound respect and honor for this fraternity and the part that he is, and will be, fulfilling as an officer and Masonic leader.

For more information on the formation of Wilkerson College or the man whom the college was named for, read "The Masonic Miracle" by Dan Weatherington, Dean Emeritus and "A Man, a College, a Lodge - all dedicated to future Masonic leaders" by Walter J. Klein.

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