Wilkerson College consists of three sessions held in Greensboro, Oxford and Raleigh. Each session begins on a Friday evening and concludes the following day at 5:00 PM. A graduation banquet is held on the Saturday evening of the last session.

The following subjects are covered during the three sessions:

"The Master's Calling"
"WhiteStone: A Synopsis and Update on Operations"
"Introduction to Public Speaking"
"Learning to Work in Groups"
"Essential Planning I and II"
"Introduction to Grand Lodge Educational Programs"
"Rules for Success in Your Fundraising Efforts"
"Opportunities for Lodge Success Using Social Media"
"Implementation of Specific Educational Programs"
"How Enlightened Philosophy Influenced Freemasonry"
"Overview of the N.C. Masonic Code"
"Explanation and Structure of the Grand Lodge"
"How Mentoring Can Positively Affect Your Lodge"
"Concepts and Rules for Fundraising"
"Review of Early History of N.C. Freemasonry"
"The Essential Transformative Aspects of Ritual"
"Lessons in Lodge Management Gained From Experience"
"Early Development of Our Masonic Ritual"
"How to Motivate and Educate Your Lodge"
"How It Really Began - Ancient Origins of Freemasonry"
"Exposé of 18th Century Masonic Ritual"
"Making the Lodge Experience More Powerful"
"Working with Lodge Personalities"
"The Trial Code"
"Allegory and Symbolism Primer"
"Lessons Learned"


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